Time Recorder / Fingerprint(There are 9 products.)

Time is of the essence in the work force and the management is always looking at your late records and absences. In the conventional work format, time is crucial since you are paid by the hour. Overtime pay and night differential are calculated by how much time you spend in the office working. This is why time recording tools are very vital for the office. A time recorder is a device that resembles a clock, but does more than just tell time. It also serves as a small memory device that keeps track of the ins and outs of the employee either by biometric scans or through barcode assessment.

The most conventional kind of time recorder would have to be the punch card encoder. A card is placed on the clock telling that the person has already arrived at work. At the end of the day, the card is punched again signifying the end of a work day. A biometric scanning device uses fingerprints to remove the need for punch cards. This uses digital technology to mark that a person bearing those fingerprints have already arrived or left work at that specific time. These innovations make office work a lot more organized and in favor of employees who spend over times and deserve night differentials.

Is your business ready for work? Make it easier to organize the payroll and overtime fees of your employees with the help of time recording devices. We offer numerous models to fit in to what you feel are most convenient and time saving.