Our Binding Machine

Creating presentations and organizing documents should not be limited to those bulky folders and fastener tools. For important documents, and more appealing presentation materials, a binding machine is an easy to use tool to have for your office. Binding machines create a more professional looks to company documents and presentations and also makes document organization more organized. Making a beautifully bound form is now more attractive for the corporate setting and having a binding machine definitely is a great investment for a more effective document management system.

We have a wide range of binding machines to work for your specific tastes. From comb binders, Wire-O binding machines to spiral coil binders, we have the specific tools you need to create a compelling compilation of documents, more professional looking presentations and a more efficient way to keep documents where they are supposed to be kept. By organizing your documents this way, you are assured that everything is accounted for. Visit our wide range of selections to find out what binding machine will work best to your business or office setting.

Our company aims to provide not only the best accessories and machines for better office efficiency. We also find the best deals to save you money. At a great value, you can make sure that our product selections are high quality and fairly priced, ensuring that you will get the most use out of our products. Choose from our inventory of high quality binding machine models to match your business requirements.

Comb Binding

A comb binding machine is a useful tool to effectively create a bound copy of documents, presentations and important hard file copies. A comb binding machine uses a hard plastic material of different sizes and colors that can be used to bind manuscripts and to make sure that all documents are organized to your liking. The comb binding machine is a perfect tool for both office settings, home offices and for businesses that handle tons of documents all the time. By keeping them neatly bound on a nice comb binding tool, organizing files can be a lot easier and it is also much better to handle documents knowing that they are all held together by the comb fastener.

We offer a massive inventory of comb binding machines and accessories for your specific needs. Our company is your best option for high quality comb binding machines and accessories from the top manufacturers and brands in the market. Our inventory includes manual comb binders that are very cost effective and perfect for small scale binding projects. We also offer electric comb machines that can be used for bigger projects for faster and more efficient binding results. Our combination machines are ideal for those who want to have more options in binding documents and manuscripts.

Apart from our selection of comb binding machines, you can also find an array of accessories that you can use such as comb openers, colorful and reusable comb binding accessories and folders of all textures and sizes to best adapt to your needs. Check out our selections and find the perfect match for your business or office needs.

Wire-O Binding

Also known as the Double-O Binding, the Wire-O binding is one of the more popular binding methods that is very inexpensive and is very popular across North America. This binding machine is very popular in creating booklets, manuscripts, notebooks, calendars and other paper based products. Nowadays, it is also becoming very popular in organizing documents and keeping them secured together for more effective document management. Any business or home office operations can definitely benefit from the versatile benefits of a Wire-O binding.

We provide massive array of machines for Double O binders. Our wide selections of machines and accessories are sourced from popular brands at very convenient prices to best suit the budget of small to large scale businesses. We offer manual binders that are ideal for personal or small scale binding jobs. For larger volumes of documents and marketing materials, we also offer a range of electric binders to match your needs. Take advantage of the combination binders, ideal for document binding business and in creating marketing products from calendars to customized notebooks. We make sure that our customers have the choice on what they want to get for their specific needs based on their budgets.

Aside from the numerous product ranges that you can find in our website, you can also purchase necessary accessories to effectively make a perfect bound material. From closers to rings, we have the widest range of products in the market to fit your specific needs. Please visit our website and let us help you in finding the best product options.

Spiral Coil Binding Machine

Create professional looking and more organized reports, manuscripts and booklets with your very own spiral coil binding machine. Nowadays, simply stapling or fastening a document is a very amateur way to present to clients and consumers. Put a bit of stylish flair to your documents with the help of binding machine and this type of office equipment helps people to complete their tasks on time & efficiency. The spiral PVC coils roll and spin across strategically punched paper through the machine and then crimped to seal the coil sealed. A machine like this is ideal for those who like to create extensive reports so that the documents will not fly out or get easily damaged and it also makes it easier to carry and deliver the message in a more attractive manner.

We have a massive array of spiral coil binding machine options to choose from. The manual coil binder is very ideal for personal use or for small scale document binding purposes. The electric binding machines are ideal for bigger projects, offering more speed and efficiency in handling different binding projects. You can also find machine punches and coil inserters for faster and more reliable binding processes. Our combination machines are perfect for additional versatility and are more ideal for binding businesses who want to get more value out of their money.

Aside from our product range, consumers can also spring binding supplies and folders/covers. Our comprehensive list of supplies is ideal for consumers who want to get the best products and office supplies that fit your budget and will last a very long time. Please visit our list of options to fit your business needs.

Perfect Binding Machine

Beyond standard binding methods using plastic coils, combs and rings, one of the most important binding innovations out there is thermal binding. The Perfect Binding Machine is a device that offers the perfect commercial binding option for manuscripts, reports, brochures, and books. Ideal for commercial purposes, a perfect binder is a heavy duty machine that can handle several hundred pages at once, speeding up the binding process especially for thick manuscript orders. Our selection of binding machines from RoyalTech is your best options for top quality and seamless binding results.

RoyalTech is notable for being one of the best brands out there for binding, cutting and manipulating paper. The Perfect Binding Machine offered by the company comes in a range of models, ideal for those who want to have a full range of binding services. The machine works by setting the cover and spine pre-applied with glue. The paper is placed into the spine and is held against the spine to ensure that the glue touches the paper. The heat from the machine melts the glue and the paper is fused together on the ends, into the spine. This is a very effective tool that is ideal for large volumes of documents in which regular binding techniques are not ideal.

Expand your business and get the best Perfect Binding Machine to serve a larger customer base. Our various product models come in different styles and layouts to best fit your business. Check our website and find out more about our product offerings as well as other binding machines.