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We offer high quality office equipment and wide range of office automation machine in Malaysia. Our goal is to provide the best Royaltech brands, products and equipment models for corporate, ensuring high quality machine in Malaysia.

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Paper Cutter

No matter how long the items that you want to cut, the number of sheets you want to cut at once or the budget that you have, we have the right paper cutter to get you start cutting and shaping. This device is a must have for any company that uses paper as their main output or product. We offer a wide range of cutter options for different budgets, ensuring that customers can get the best product that fits their needs. From cutting large sheets to smaller sized formats to customizing the shape for specific purposes, our selections are accessible to ensure that you get the right results for your business.

The classic kind of paper cutter is the guillotine in which a board with standard paper measurements are laid on a flat surface with one section connected to a big cutting tool similar to a guillotine to smoothly cut paper to perfection. Hydraulic paper cutters are ideal for bulk cutting purposes to apply the right pressure and effectively cut reams of paper smoothly and evenly. We also have electric stack cutters that are ideal for fast and automated cutting purposes, whatever your cutting needs are, we provide. We make sure that the prices fit your budget.

No matter what your budget is or how big or small your projects are; we have the best selection of items for you to get start cutting. You do not have to waste time with this tedious process when you can simply use a cutter for instant results. Check our catalog and compare products that fit your specific needs.

Perfect Binding Machine

Beyond standard binding methods using plastic coils, combs and rings, one of the most important binding innovations out there is thermal binding. The Perfect Binding Machine is a device that offers the perfect commercial binding option for manuscripts, reports, brochures, and books. Ideal for commercial purposes, a perfect binder is a heavy duty machine that can handle several hundred pages at once, speeding up the binding process especially for thick manuscript orders. Our selection of binding machines from RoyalTech is your best options for top quality and seamless binding results.

RoyalTech is notable for being one of the best brands out there for binding, cutting and manipulating paper. The Perfect Binding Machine offered by the company comes in a range of models, ideal for those who want to have a full range of binding services. The machine works by setting the cover and spine pre-applied with glue. The paper is placed into the spine and is held against the spine to ensure that the glue touches the paper. The heat from the machine melts the glue and the paper is fused together on the ends, into the spine. This is a very effective tool that is ideal for large volumes of documents in which regular binding techniques are not ideal.

Expand your business and get the best Perfect Binding Machine to serve a larger customer base. Our various product models come in different styles and layouts to best fit your business. Check our website and find out more about our product offerings as well as other binding machines.

Binding Machine (Plastic Comb/ Wire-O/Spiral Coil/Press Binder)

Creating presentations and organizing documents should not be limited to those bulky folders and fastener tools. For important documents, and more appealing presentation materials, a binding machine is an easy to use tool to have for your office. Binding machines create a more professional looks to company documents and presentations and also makes document organization more organized. Making a beautifully bound form is now more attractive for the corporate setting and having a binding machine definitely is a great investment for a more effective document management system.

We have a wide range of binding machines to work for your specific tastes. From comb binders, Wire-O binding machines to spiral coil binders, we have the specific tools you need to create a compelling compilation of documents, more professional looking presentations and a more efficient way to keep documents where they are supposed to be kept. By organizing your documents this way, you are assured that everything is accounted for. Visit our wide range of selections to find out what binding machine will work best to your business or office setting.

Our company aims to provide not only the best accessories and machines for better office efficiency. We also find the best deals to save you money. At a great value, you can make sure that our product selections are high quality and fairly priced, ensuring that you will get the most use out of our products. Choose from our inventory of high quality binding machine models to match your business requirements.

Desktop & Roll Laminating Machine

A Laminating Machine is a very useful product to preserve, protect and fortify paper documents, banners, photographs, signs and identification cards. We offer a massive range of laminators to best suit your needs. From conventional hot laminators, cold laminates, thermal rolls and pouches, we provide the best range in the market. We hold notable brands in the market so we can assure you that the output you get are the best in the industry, as if a professional has laminated the product for you. We make sure that our items and delivered safely and securely to ensure product reliability.

When it comes to laminating products, we all have the items you need to get you started with your business. We offer guaranteed low prices on pouch laminators, ideal for most companies and small operations. The roll laminators are more ideal for bigger lamination purposes or for mass lamination of small items. This is ideal to fortify posters and advertisements. We also offer mounting boards that can be laminated to further fortify documents and images for decorative purposes. We can assure you that our inventory is designed to perfection, offering high quality output and consistent results.

Aside from the machines, we also offer films, lamination cards and other accessories and necessary items to get you started with your business or if you want to get started in creating high quality output. Please check our inventory to see the range of products and accessories we offer we are confident that we carry the best products and machines that you need.

Hard Cover & Photobook Maker / Gluing Machine / Paper Press Machine

Creating books, company reports, albums and hardbound manuscripts require the use of a hard cover in order to keep the contents safe and long lasting. A hard cover is also very ideal for personalized covers where printed logos and specially made cover illustrations can be transferred, creating a more compelling design. A hard cover maker is a device that makes it possible to create a high quality hard cover for binding purposes, albums and other products. Customize the size and design of the covers and create memorable and long wearing covers and document organizing tools. We offer top quality hard cover machines to generate stylish covers worthy of your reports.

We offer numerous styles and sizes of hard cover maker. This unique product allows the person to create a compelling hard cover design that includes custom sized spine, and back cover, each with customized design and surface treatments. This is a very useful tool in adding logos to documents, creating customized layouts for reports or making a presentation with clients. Create an impact with the use of custom designed hard covers that look professional, stylish, and inviting. This is a fantastic addition to your binding machine if you have one or plan to have one. Hardbound documents and texts do not get damaged immediately and look stylish and appealing on shelves.

We also offer numerous accessories and products ideal for those who want to create their very own hard covers for more stylish effect. Please visit our website and find out the best option best suited for your business.

Hot Stamping Machine

Creating business cards, promotional materials, compelling product packaging and other kinds of products are vital for the effective promotion of any company. While it is possible to do that using regular printing techniques, there are other interesting surface methods that are ideal to create more compelling surface treatments and to easily customize non paper products like fabric. The hot stamping machine uses foil and fuses the foil material into the surface, ideally on paper to create a nice surface shine that looks professional and stylish.

Our company offers a wide range of Hot Stamping machines and tools to best suit your needs. We also offer small hot stamping tools and larger units that are more ideal for bigger projects like product packaging. You can use these machines to create your very own promotional materials, coupons cards and business cards.

Apart from the machines, we also offer kits and accessories like foil sheets and other important accessories. Please visit our website and find out more how you can start building your print empire or create personalized prints for corporate purposes.

UV Coating Machine

We offer a comprehensive range of photo book album & uv coating products to fit your specific needs. Whatever options you prefer, we can provide them for you. We make sure that we have the best range of products to give you great selection and high quality results.

We also offer numerous accessories and products ideal for those who want to create their very own hard covers for more stylish effect. Please visit our website and find out the best option best suited for your business.

Name Card Cutter / Corner Round Cutter

Paper is a truly versatile material since you can shape and cut it to different sizes to best fit the needs of the user. For promotional design companies, we offer the best solution for perfectly cut business cards. The name card cutter is a unique machine that you can use to automatically cut pre-printed paper or blank paper to create unique and stylish business cards or personal calling cards. Ideal for both personal use or for business purposes, such a machine can offer incredible benefits for those who like incredible looking business cards with clean cut edges.

Nowadays, creating in house name cards are easier than ever with the help of various programs and high quality printing tools. To create a perfect card, though, you need a high quality name card cutter. We offer a comprehensive range of electronic business card cutters designed to simply cut the paper upon inserting them to the feeder. The output is revealed in an instant, a batch of perfectly cut cards that look like it was made by a professional business card maker. Our industrial sized card cutting machine is very ideal for those who need larger volumes of cards, especially for companies that require custom business cards for all their employees.

Suitable for medium to large scale operations, these machines are very useful especially those with adjustable sizes to make more use of the unit. Visit our website now and explore the wide range of products that we can offer for your business. With our competitive prices, you are getting the best possible deal.

ID Card Printer / Embossing Machine

ID card printers work in 2 processes they are the direct to card printing and retransfer printing. Direct to card printing is the commonly used technology for desktop photo ID card systems, printing images directly onto the plastic card. It is made possible through the use of a ribbon containing mostly with up to 5 colors that are heated. The heating of the ribbon uses the print head of the card printer. After the process an images is then implanted onto the blank PVC card.

Embossing is the process of imprinting a text or design that is not pressed against the surface rather its press raises the surface adding a dimension to the surface. It adds elegance to the normal printing creation by elevating the standard quality of the product and giving much weight to the regular piece of material. This type of printing is used to provide an aesthetic effect to the materials or products. Other uses of embossing are the making of braille books or materials for the blind or for the embossed named on certain cards, credit and automated teller machine cards.

Generally, embossing is used to beautify a product at a certain extent. Specific roles of embossing include product packages for wedding, for metal businesses, for jewelries and et cetera. Embossing can therefore be a good expression of art that can be transformed into wealth.

Folding Machine & Booklet Maker

Though computers and internet are already commonplace in the workforce, the appeal of bound documents and letters still are very important. That is why for any business, it is important to optimize the process of handling paper based documents so that delivery will be fast easy and efficient. Our company offers top notch folding machine and booklet maker products ideal in ensuring that your documents, letters, and reports are bound and folded to perfection. It is crucial that you choose these products if your business depends greatly on high volume paper output.

A booklet maker is a quintessential device in creating booklets, pamphlets, and reports that are bound and folded in an organized manner. A booklet maker can use a folding mechanism with or without stapling to create stunning and uniform looking pamphlets and booklets that all look stunning and amazing. We offer a wide range of options from top manufacturers and brands. We also offer both friction feed and air feed folding machines ideal for the purpose of minimizing the need to fold individual paper documents. Our wide range of products are ideal for both small to large scale productions and are ideal for those who like to simplify and optimize paper handling processes.

Here in our website, we make sure that we offer only the best folding machine & booklet maker products of all price options to fit your budget, our goal is to make sure that all office equipment that you buy not only works effectively, but also pays for itself in the next few years for its quality and functionality.

Creasing & Perforating Machine

Creating marketing paraphernalia from paper is a commonplace practice for self-sufficient companies who like to do it in-house instead of having it done outside. To be able to do that, companies are now investing on cost effective equipment to improve output and create professional grade marketing tools and other paper based products. We offer creasing perforating machine devices to help you create paper displays, packaging, and card stocks ideal for promotional purposes. We also offer perforating machines to create custom made coupons, tear sheets, and other marketing or product packaging purposes. These machines can help you save more money on having it done outside and still generate quality results by creating compelling promotional and product packaging designs as if made by a professional company.

We offer a wide range of creasing perforated machine to match your budget and usability concerns. For those who need cost effective and small scale solutions, manual perforators and creasers are ideal. For faster output and scalable results, you can choose electric perforating and creasing machines that also offer automated and consistent results. We also have a combination scorer machine to effectively score, perforate, and crease paper based on your needs. For specific purposes, we also have text perforators to create perforated texts on paper for more efficient document management.

Our wide range of office equipment is ideal for businesses who want professional, high quality output at a convenient price. Our diverse product range of perforators and creasers are perfect for start-ups and established companies. Visit our product page now and discover the top options for your biz.

Time Recorder / Fingerprint

Time is of the essence in the work force and the management is always looking at your late records and absences. In the conventional work format, time is crucial since you are paid by the hour. Overtime pay and night differential are calculated by how much time you spend in the office working. This is why time recording tools are very vital for the office. A time recorder is a device that resembles a clock, but does more than just tell time. It also serves as a small memory device that keeps track of the ins and outs of the employee either by biometric scans or through barcode assessment.

The most conventional kind of time recorder would have to be the punch card encoder. A card is placed on the clock telling that the person has already arrived at work. At the end of the day, the card is punched again signifying the end of a work day. A biometric scanning device uses fingerprints to remove the need for punch cards. This uses digital technology to mark that a person bearing those fingerprints have already arrived or left work at that specific time. These innovations make office work a lot more organized and in favor of employees who spend over times and deserve night differentials.

Is your business ready for work? Make it easier to organize the payroll and overtime fees of your employees with the help of time recording devices. We offer numerous models to fit in to what you feel are most convenient and time saving.

Paper Shredder

Documents may contain top secret company information. If it is too risky to keep documents safe, then it is ideal to destroy all traces of that document. The best tool for that is the paper shredder. Designed to instantly destroy the document by cutting them to tiny strips, this is the most popular and important tool that one could ever have in the workplace or at home. We offer numerous types of shredders ideal for all kinds of paper and how you want the paper to be destroyed. Our selection of product is most ideal for your business needs and personal privacy.

A standard paper shredder shreds the document in a straight line using several blades that cut across the paper to prevent the contents from being read after shredding. For even more security, there are cross cut shredders that cut the paper in other directions for better document destruction. High security shredders can shred the paper to extremely miniscule portions to ensure that no section or part of the document can be read or pasted together. Some shredder designs are so powerful they can be used to destroy compact disks, credit cards and even metal clips or staples.

We offer a wide range of paper shredding tools at very convenient prices. For personal or for professional use, a shredder is a very important and powerful tool that anyone should have. If you want to protect you company’s or personal secrets, this is a must have tool. Find the best selections through our website at a very convenient price.

Paper Driller & Hole Puncher

Creating holes in the middle of a paper is only possible with the help of a puncher. Though a 2 whole puncher is commonplace in office stores, for commercial purposes, these small devices are not the best options to have. When punching several reams of paper at once, it is important to use commercial Paper Driller & Hole Puncher tools in order to do the job in an instant. These devices are highly useful for manuscript binding and other related tasks. Time is of the essence and instead of a home puncher, it is crucial that companies invest on top quality drilling and punching tools for a perfectly aligned hole on paper.

A commercial puncher is a lot heavier than a home puncher, allowing the person to align the paper on the guides without the puncher moving. We offer 2-hole and 3-hole punchers ideal for documents to be held in binders or fasteners. This is ideal for small scale punching purposes. For large volume punching purposes, the Paper Driller is a must have device to have. We offer high quality electronic drillers that use a hollow bit to instantly cut through a massive pile of paper and ensure precise drilling. For big projects, these items are must haves for instant results.

Our Paper Driller & Hole Puncher devices are very handy and easy to install. All you need is a durable table or surface to handle the pressure that the puncher and drills will create. Choose the best tool that works best for your business and of course, your budget.

Heat Transfer Machine

Creating business cards, promotional materials, compelling product packaging and other kinds of products are vital for the effective promotion of any company. While it is possible to do that using regular printing techniques, there are other interesting surface methods that are ideal to create more compelling surface treatments and to easily customize non paper products like fabric. This is where Heat Transfer Machine is ideal to transfer a design or print to a surface like paper or fabric. This print will last a long time and create a cleaner and more reliable design result effective for promotional t-shirts using decal style sticker transfers.

Our company offers a wide range of Heat Transfer Machine and tools to best suit your needs. Our heat transfer machines include printing and pressing machines ideal for both small to large scale printing and pressing purposes to create stunning t-shirt designs.

Apart from the machines, we also offer kits and accessories like vinyl, ink and other important accessories. Please visit our website and find out more how you can start building your print empire or create personalized prints for corporate purposes.

Flash Stamp Machine / Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving is the use of lasers to etch an object on a certain material. The laser engraving machine has three parts: the laser, the controller, and a surface. The ray released from the laser is accommodated by the controller to be able to form the patterns to the surface. It is normally directed to the piece of the material that engraving will be done on. Since the center of the beam is very hot, it allows the engraving on the surface of a material to be done. The computer that is used to control the direction, the movement and the speed of the laser are called the controller while the area where controller can act on is called the surface.

Laser engraver indeed provides an easy way of etches with a better looking product compared to other engraving methods.


From holding pieces of paper to creating booklets and brochures, a stapler is a staple device that fastens pieces of paper in a clean and secure method. A stapler is a very simple, semi-permanent to temporary fastening tool that can be used to hold items together or to create a solid anchor to hold several pieces of paper of different thickness together. Whatever your business is, and no matter which industry you belong to, a stapler is a quintessential item to have. That is why we make sure that our clients have the best range of products to appeal to their needs. For standard use to commercial purposes, we have the devices you need.

We have electric staplers that are ideal to automate the process of stapling items. We offer push button operations to make it easier to turn on and off when necessary. We also offer foot switch operated machines for those who need to keep both their hands on the job. Heavy duty staplers are ideal in stapling several sheets of paper, both thick and thin with ease and precision, avoiding staple damage and marks on the paper. This is a must have for commercial settings. The long arm staplers are also heavy duty and are more ideal for applying more pressure on the sheets of paper for effective stapling results.

Our staplers are highly reliable, ensuring that each punch that you make is secure. There is nothing more annoying than tiny holes on the corner of a paper. Choose from several models of staplers from our inventory and start stapling to success.

Paper Trimmer & Cutter

If you are not doing bulk cutting purposes or if commercial cutters are too rigid for your project, then it is necessary that you include a Paper Trimmer & Cutter to your equation of paper cutting tools. These are simple manual devices that are very effective for cutting numerous sheets of paper but less than what commercial cutters could manage. Thus, they are less costly, and they are very versatile, offering more control and accuracy for those who want to shape the paper and trim to more minuscule sizes.

A Paper Trimmer & Cutter can come in many formats. The guillotine style cutter is very common among various businesses. The long blade is attached on the side through a hinge and is snapped on flat on the side, cutting the paper along the way. The rotary cutter is a much safer option since it uses a rolling cutter tool attached on a movable device that can be swiped to and fro, creating smooth cuts on paper. This is an ideal option for arts and crafts stores and those who like to do DIY cuts on paper for art purposes. They are also ideal for cutting small to medium volumes of paper as well as other materials like foil and plastic for a more precise result.

Choosing the best cutting tool for personal or small scale projects is a lot easier now with the range of products available for consumers who are looking for high quality products at the most convenient prices. Check our list of cutters and trimmers and find the best match for your needs.

Paper Collator / Paper Jogger

Quintessential equipment for document management, after printing tools and paper handling devices, the collator is a document sorting machine that effectively sorts out different pages of a document, handout or manuscript of bulk numbers, minimizing the manual handling and possible damage and disorganized handling of pages. For multi-page documents, bulk reports or handouts with hundreds of duplicates, this device is of essence to minimize the effort in sorting all paper documents and to easily prepare them for binding or for storage purposes. Hand collection is an archaic way of handling documents where the person can easily get tired and make mistakes in arranging documents, creating inconsistent output. This device makes it easier to organize different documents, simplifying the collection process and making sure that output is delivered effectively.

We offer a wide range of collator options, from small, manual tools that do not require any electricity at all. The smaller manual collators are ideal for small scale or personal collating purposes of a few, pages. We also offer high performance collating machines that automatically organizes the printed materials of multiple pages, section by section. These collators are used by booklet makers, making it an equally handy device to use if you want to maximize time and minimize effort in arranging all documents.

Our wide range of products are ideal for small to large scale offices that require specific sizes for personal to large scale usage. Minimize the effort and maximize results. Visit our inventory now and select from our range of premium quality machines.

Note & Coin Counting Machine, Cheque Writer & Money Detector

Counting money is a tedious task that requires precision. While the human hands eyes and brain can function really well to count money effectively, second checks are still necessary since there will always be a room for error in counting. If you want to minimize the effort that you make solely by counting money in the counter area or you want to speed up customer service in your business, then it is ideal to take advantage of the Note & Coin Counting Machine. This is a unique device that allows you to effectively count the bills or coins and make sure that there are no errors in the amount of money you will receive or give.

Similar to how an ATM counting machine works, the Note & Coin Counting Machine counts the money per bill and coin so that there is accuracy in the calculation of monies. This is highly advantageous for banks, pawnshops, exchange centers and even retail shops. We offer a massive array of counting machines for both coins and bills. From personal, compact designs to the bulkier, commercial types, we have everything that you need to make sure that counting money becomes easier and more accurate. There is nothing more important for any business than to accurately calculate the money going in and out of the store.

We offer handy, personal counters and more complex machines for details money detection, segregation and faster calculation. Depending on your budget, we can offer cheap to high end products. Please check our online catalog to see the products that are available for you.

3D Printer

3D printer is a manufacturing machine that synthesizes three-dimensional objects into solid objects. The 3D printer uses a process known as 3D printing, which involves building up layers of materials until they form the desired object. 3D printers apply a number of techniques to make distinct 3D objects.

Benefits of 3D Printing

1. It is cheap - 3D manufacturing is cheaper when manufacturing objects compared to other techniques like subtractive manufacturing. Moreover, 3D printing uses cheaper, yet reliable raw materials.

2. Fast Production - 3D printing produces objects in a matter of hours, compared to other techniques that take days to have a finished product. This speed makes it possible to produce several items in a day, which makes it possible to implement an on-demand model in our manufacturing industries.

3. Minimum Wastage - Given that 3D printing is an additive process, it promotes manufacturing with no or minimum waste. Consequently, savings on materials being used make the process efficient. Additionally, minimal waste saves our environment a lot of harm leading to proper environmental conservation.

3D printers serve many industries, thereby promoting industrial developments. Individuals can also use the printers to create their personal objects, from the comfort of their homes or a 3D printing bureau. Minimal wastage and cost efficiency make 3D printing the best manufacturing process in the 21st century.

Flatbed Printer / Pad Printer

A pad printer is the main part of the pad printing machine which is used to transfer ink from a pad to the object that you want to print. The pad printer has parts that help to hold both the pad and object to be printed steadily. The pad is then put into an inked surface that is shaped according to your desired object then pressed on your object. This gives a printed colored image as per your preference.

A flatbed printer helps in the reproduction of images that have a flat surface. The flat surface of the object to be reproduced is pressed on the flat inking surface, normally known as a printing bed. The printing bed is adjustable, which makes it possible to print thin as well as thick images. This printer is commonly used for commercial purposes, and it sells at a competitive price.


Office equipment cannot stand on its own. Each machine will need specific accessories to complete a job. From laminating machines, binders, printers, heat transfer products and other important productivity tools, we offer all items necessary to operate your machine and create high quality output specific to business requirements. Our company is one of the biggest online inventories for office and productivity related machines and items and it is our duty to complement our equipment offerings with the necessary tools and items so that you do not have to look for them in other stores.

We offer a wide range of items from paper products, plastic items, binders, ribbons and cartridges, films, laminating pouches to other important products necessary for your business to succeed. Our product range is diverse so you can expect that what you purchase from us are the best in the industry. Aside from machine related accessories, our business is also focused on offering all kinds of items necessary for the home office and large corporate settings. Therefore, you will find the products specific to your budget and project size.

Most importantly, all our accessories are priced to meet the budget restrictions of most companies nowadays. We understand that while you want top quality accessories, you also need cost effective materials to generate the best results. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your product related queries. We aim to provide the most for our clients to ensure that they can find everything in one convenient website.