Hard Cover & Photobook Maker / Gluing Machine / Paper Press Machine 

Creating books, company reports, albums and hardbound manuscripts require the use of a hard cover in order to keep the contents safe and long lasting. A hard cover is also very ideal for personalized covers where printed logos and specially made cover illustrations can be transferred, creating a more compelling design. A hard cover maker is a device that makes it possible to create a high quality hard cover for binding purposes, albums and other products. Customize the size and design of the covers and create memorable and long wearing covers and document organizing tools. We offer top quality hard cover machines to generate stylish covers worthy of your reports.

We offer numerous styles and sizes of hard cover maker. This unique product allows the person to create a compelling hard cover design that includes custom sized spine, and back cover, each with customized design and surface treatments. This is a very useful tool in adding logos to documents, creating customized layouts for reports or making a presentation with clients. Create an impact with the use of custom designed hard covers that look professional, stylish, and inviting. This is a fantastic addition to your binding machine if you have one or plan to have one. Hardbound documents and texts do not get damaged immediately and look stylish and appealing on shelves.

We also offer numerous accessories and products ideal for those who want to create their very own hard covers for more stylish effect. Please visit our website and find out the best option best suited for your business.

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