Hot Stamping Machine 

Creating business cards, promotional materials, compelling product packaging and other kinds of products are vital for the effective promotion of any company. While it is possible to do that using regular printing techniques, there are other interesting surface methods that are ideal to create more compelling surface treatments and to easily customize non paper products like fabric. The hot stamping machine uses foil and fuses the foil material into the surface, ideally on paper to create a nice surface shine that looks professional and stylish.

Our company offers a wide range of Hot Stamping machines and tools to best suit your needs. We also offer small hot stamping tools and larger units that are more ideal for bigger projects like product packaging. You can use these machines to create your very own promotional materials, coupons cards and business cards.

Apart from the machines, we also offer kits and accessories like foil sheets and other important accessories. Please visit our website and find out more how you can start building your print empire or create personalized prints for corporate purposes.

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