Creasing & Perforating Machine 

Creating marketing paraphernalia from paper is a commonplace practice for self-sufficient companies who like to do it in-house instead of having it done outside. To be able to do that, companies are now investing on cost effective equipment to improve output and create professional grade marketing tools and other paper based products. We offer creasing perforating machine devices to help you create paper displays, packaging, and card stocks ideal for promotional purposes. We also offer perforating machines to create custom made coupons, tear sheets, and other marketing or product packaging purposes. These machines can help you save more money on having it done outside and still generate quality results by creating compelling promotional and product packaging designs as if made by a professional company.

We offer a wide range of creasing perforated machine to match your budget and usability concerns. For those who need cost effective and small scale solutions, manual perforators and creasers are ideal. For faster output and scalable results, you can choose electric perforating and creasing machines that also offer automated and consistent results. We also have a combination scorer machine to effectively score, perforate, and crease paper based on your needs. For specific purposes, we also have text perforators to create perforated texts on paper for more efficient document management.

Our wide range of office equipment is ideal for businesses who want professional, high quality output at a convenient price. Our diverse product range of perforators and creasers are perfect for start-ups and established companies. Visit our product page now and discover the top options for your biz.

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