3D Printer 

3D printer is a manufacturing machine that synthesizes three-dimensional objects into solid objects. The 3D printer uses a process known as 3D printing, which involves building up layers of materials until they form the desired object. 3D printers apply a number of techniques to make distinct 3D objects.

Benefits of 3D Printing

1. It is cheap - 3D manufacturing is cheaper when manufacturing objects compared to other techniques like subtractive manufacturing. Moreover, 3D printing uses cheaper, yet reliable raw materials.

2. Fast Production - 3D printing produces objects in a matter of hours, compared to other techniques that take days to have a finished product. This speed makes it possible to produce several items in a day, which makes it possible to implement an on-demand model in our manufacturing industries.

3. Minimum Wastage - Given that 3D printing is an additive process, it promotes manufacturing with no or minimum waste. Consequently, savings on materials being used make the process efficient. Additionally, minimal waste saves our environment a lot of harm leading to proper environmental conservation.

3D printers serve many industries, thereby promoting industrial developments. Individuals can also use the printers to create their personal objects, from the comfort of their homes or a 3D printing bureau. Minimal wastage and cost efficiency make 3D printing the best manufacturing process in the 21st century.

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