Note & Coin Counting Machine, Cheque Writer & Money Detector 

Counting money is a tedious task that requires precision. While the human hands eyes and brain can function really well to count money effectively, second checks are still necessary since there will always be a room for error in counting. If you want to minimize the effort that you make solely by counting money in the counter area or you want to speed up customer service in your business, then it is ideal to take advantage of the Note & Coin Counting Machine. This is a unique device that allows you to effectively count the bills or coins and make sure that there are no errors in the amount of money you will receive or give.

Similar to how an ATM counting machine works, the Note & Coin Counting Machine counts the money per bill and coin so that there is accuracy in the calculation of monies. This is highly advantageous for banks, pawnshops, exchange centers and even retail shops. We offer a massive array of counting machines for both coins and bills. From personal, compact designs to the bulkier, commercial types, we have everything that you need to make sure that counting money becomes easier and more accurate. There is nothing more important for any business than to accurately calculate the money going in and out of the store.

We offer handy, personal counters and more complex machines for details money detection, segregation and faster calculation. Depending on your budget, we can offer cheap to high end products. Please check our online catalog to see the products that are available for you.

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