ID Card Printer / Embossing Machine  

ID card printers work in 2 processes they are the direct to card printing and retransfer printing. Direct to card printing is the commonly used technology for desktop photo ID card systems, printing images directly onto the plastic card. It is made possible through the use of a ribbon containing mostly with up to 5 colors that are heated. The heating of the ribbon uses the print head of the card printer. After the process an images is then implanted onto the blank PVC card.

Embossing is the process of imprinting a text or design that is not pressed against the surface rather its press raises the surface adding a dimension to the surface. It adds elegance to the normal printing creation by elevating the standard quality of the product and giving much weight to the regular piece of material. This type of printing is used to provide an aesthetic effect to the materials or products. Other uses of embossing are the making of braille books or materials for the blind or for the embossed named on certain cards, credit and automated teller machine cards.

Generally, embossing is used to beautify a product at a certain extent. Specific roles of embossing include product packages for wedding, for metal businesses, for jewelries and et cetera. Embossing can therefore be a good expression of art that can be transformed into wealth.

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