Paper Trimmer & Cutter 

If you are not doing bulk cutting purposes or if commercial cutters are too rigid for your project, then it is necessary that you include a Paper Trimmer & Cutter to your equation of paper cutting tools. These are simple manual devices that are very effective for cutting numerous sheets of paper but less than what commercial cutters could manage. Thus, they are less costly, and they are very versatile, offering more control and accuracy for those who want to shape the paper and trim to more minuscule sizes.

A Paper Trimmer & Cutter can come in many formats. The guillotine style cutter is very common among various businesses. The long blade is attached on the side through a hinge and is snapped on flat on the side, cutting the paper along the way. The rotary cutter is a much safer option since it uses a rolling cutter tool attached on a movable device that can be swiped to and fro, creating smooth cuts on paper. This is an ideal option for arts and crafts stores and those who like to do DIY cuts on paper for art purposes. They are also ideal for cutting small to medium volumes of paper as well as other materials like foil and plastic for a more precise result.

Choosing the best cutting tool for personal or small scale projects is a lot easier now with the range of products available for consumers who are looking for high quality products at the most convenient prices. Check our list of cutters and trimmers and find the best match for your needs.

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