Paper Collator / Paper Jogger 

Quintessential equipment for document management, after printing tools and paper handling devices, the collator is a document sorting machine that effectively sorts out different pages of a document, handout or manuscript of bulk numbers, minimizing the manual handling and possible damage and disorganized handling of pages. For multi-page documents, bulk reports or handouts with hundreds of duplicates, this device is of essence to minimize the effort in sorting all paper documents and to easily prepare them for binding or for storage purposes. Hand collection is an archaic way of handling documents where the person can easily get tired and make mistakes in arranging documents, creating inconsistent output. This device makes it easier to organize different documents, simplifying the collection process and making sure that output is delivered effectively.

We offer a wide range of collator options, from small, manual tools that do not require any electricity at all. The smaller manual collators are ideal for small scale or personal collating purposes of a few, pages. We also offer high performance collating machines that automatically organizes the printed materials of multiple pages, section by section. These collators are used by booklet makers, making it an equally handy device to use if you want to maximize time and minimize effort in arranging all documents.

Our wide range of products are ideal for small to large scale offices that require specific sizes for personal to large scale usage. Minimize the effort and maximize results. Visit our inventory now and select from our range of premium quality machines.

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